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Noro Kureyon knitting and crochet yarn


Item #: YKFI-KUR-170
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Noro Kureyon is a worsted weight 100% wool having two plies. It can be a little difficult to see, because the yarn has such a “rustic” loosely spun effect, but if you untwist it you will definitely get two plies in your hand. It’s how they get the striated effect that shows up in some dye lots (like, black and orange blurred together.) くれよん(pronounced coo-ray-oh-n) is the Japanese pronunciation of the English “crayon;” thus, the literal name of the yarn is “crayon.”

Price: $8.95

    Blue/Pink/Yellow/Multi Black/Brown/Grey Black/Grey/Blue/Brown Black/Grey/Green/Purple Black/Magenta/Grey/Brown Black/Olive/Blue
    Black/Olive/Lavender Black/Royal/Purple/Hunter/Indigo Black/Wine/Purple Blues/Red/Yellow Brown/Burgundy/Sand/Olive Brown/Grey/Taupe
    Dark Brown/Red/Yellow Ecru/Lime/Brown/Caramel Green/Red/Blue Hot Pink/Cocoa/Lime Jade/Sky/Green/Brown Lime/Browns/Black/Navy
    Lime/Coral/Pink/Brown Lime/Olive/Jade/Purple Magenta/Purples/Jade/Olive Magenta/Royal/Brown Moss/Purples/Navy/Black/Pink Naturals
    Purple/Blues/Reds/Hunter Red/Pink/ORange/Yellow Tan/Blue/Green/Brown Violet/Blue/Turquoise/Brown Yellow/Greens/Lavender


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    100% Wool with approx 110 yards per 50g that knits to 5 sts per inch on a US 7 needle.

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