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Item #: YKFI-MIR-01
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Noro Mirai is a soft, self-striping colored yarn in a DK weight blend of Cotton, Silk, Viscose, and Polyamide. Great for colorful accessories and much more!

Price: $19.95

    Coffe, Blues, Greens Blues, Greens, Brown Browns, Turquoise, Lime Charcoal, Rasberry, Blues Greens, Yellow, Plum lilac, Lime, Lemon
    old Gold, Red, Turquoise


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    Noro Mirai is a blend of 40% Cotton, 25% Silk, 25% Viscose, 10% Polyamide with approx 328 yards per 100g that knits to 5.25 sts per inch on a US 5 needle. Packaged as skeins.

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