15 Fun Non-Knitted Yarn Creations

on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 10:05:00 AM
15 Fun Non-Knitted Yarn Creations

Yarn is a fun material to work with—not just for knitting or crocheting. There are many great uses for yarn, some of which can be pulled off with simple craft materials that you probably already have at home. Take a look at these 15 yarn projects that require no knitting.


Hair Bow

Make a petite hair accessory with just yarn and your own fingers. Once it is complete, attach a small button or piece of costume jewelry for added flair. [Image via CraftSnob]


Lamp Shade

Wrap colorful yarn around an old lampshade to give it a freshened up look for your home. When you tire of the color scheme, unwrap and rewrap it with a new look.


Yarn Balloons

Make those festive birthday balloons last longer by creating yarn ones. All you need to do is blow up basic balloon, dip yarn in watered-down glue, and wrap it around the balloon. Once it is dry, pop the balloon inside it and the yarn will remain.


Wind Sock

Use embroidery hoops to create a chandelier/windsock hybrid that you can hang outside and let flow in the breeze. This one is especially fun to let the kids create.


Napkin Rings

Take plain napkin rings and infuse them with a fresh look by simply wrapping them in yarn. Pick a few colors or just stick with one that you know you will love. If you want to be even craftier, use recycled plastic bottles to form the napkin ring itself. [Image via Creative Jewish Mom]


Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make yarn ball ornaments to add an element of elegance to your Christmas tree. All you need is craft glue, a balloon, thread and the yarn of your choice. To make it really festive, add some glitter too.


Crib Mobile

Pick out entire balls of colorful yarn that match nursery décor and then attach them to crochet circle in different tiers. The result is a dynamic-looking crib mobile that will keep baby entertained and is different from any of the premade ones found in stores. [Image via SugarTot Designs]


Craft Storage Box

Wrap up any boxes that you want to dress up with the yarn of your choice . It can make an inexpensive, everyday storage container look more creative and artistic.



By braiding yarn together you can create a fashionable scarf that is more of a statement piece than plain fabric.



Take thick bangle bracelets and wrap them in yarn for a softer take on the statement wrist wear.



Take an old or inexpensive frame and give it a sophisticated look by wrapping it with yarn . You can use multiple colors or just stick with one bright color like white for a colorful statement piece. Put pictures in the frames, or let the yarn be the only artwork on the wall. [Image via Centsational Girl]


Monogram Wall Hangings

Instead of painting large letters, why not wrap them in yarn ? Wrapping in multiple colors makes it even more of a creative piece.


Yarn Butterflies

This is a fun craft to do with the kids . Use crisscrossed popsicle sticks as a way to wrap the yarn, and then glue on pipe cleaners and other craft accessories like buttons or googly eyes.



Buy the wreath form that is the size and thickness you want, and then pick out the yarn colors that will work best. This is a great yarn project because you can make many different wreaths for many different occasions without spending much. [Image via Artsy Fartsy Mama]


Candle Holder

Take an empty, clean aluminum can and wrap it in different layers of thread for a sophisticated candle holder that works both indoors and outside.

  What non-knitting yarn projects have you completed?

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