Cute Crochet Project For A Little One

on Friday, August 7, 2015 11:47:00 AM

Need a quick and simple project for a little one in your life? Why not try this cute crochet cardigan? Made with simple, basic stitches this easy sweater would make a wonderful first foray into sweater making. The pattern is called Striped Cardigan from Liesure Arts’ book Crochet In A Day For Baby. The biggest size is made with just 2 skeins of each color of Kenzie. Kenzie crochets up wonderfully and just may be the perfect tweed. New Zealand merino, angora and alpaca lend softness and body, nylon lends strength and silk noils contribute delicate texture and color accents. The smooth, round 3-ply yarn works into a cohesive fabric that blooms when wet blocked. The angora haze is just fuzzy enough to lend a cozy feel, but not so fuzzy that it will obscure any stitch patterning. Combine other colors to make this a sweet sweater for a little girl or use neutrals for a more modern look.

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