Knitting Can Save the World: 5 Reusable Items You Can Make from Yarn

on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 9:54:00 AM

What’s more fun than knitting? Knitting something out of those scraps of leftover yarn that you can

 reuse yourself over and over again, of course! There are plenty of projects that can help you live a more eco-friendly life while also cultivating your wildest knitting passions. Here we’ll discuss some 

fun and practical projects you can make out of those extra pieces of yarn that have been piling up just waiting to be imagined into something amazing.

Grocery Tote 

Want to get your groceries and save the planet too? Do you have a mountain of plastic bags that is growing out of control in your closet or kitchen pantry? Why not put that old yarn to good use by creating your own grocery bags from those old scraps of yarn.

Gift Ribbons

Do you have a ton of small leftover pieces of yarn from your latest projects? Cons

Check out these inspiring knitted gift wrap ideas.ider passing up store bought ribbon and instead wrap your gifts with colored yarn! Use brown paper bags and yarn to give your gifts a thoughtful, unique, homemade, eco-friendly vibe. And the best part about it—it’s entirely free! You can even replace your bows with pom-poms for a fun twist on the conventional gift design.

Mini Art Projects

Is your cat in need of a new friend? How about a tiny bunny filled with catnip? Is your Christmas tree low on ornaments? Use those leftover scraps to make small doilies that you can hang on the tree. Or use them as coasters for your morning coffee. You can even knit your own dishcloths, or add some knitting to your existing dishcloths—add a button and a buttonhole to loop around the hardware on your kitchen drawers or oven handle, and never worry about them falling to the ground again. If you’re a bookworm, knit a bookmark out of that leftover yarn and garnish it with a pom pom so you never lose your place.

Floor Sweeper

Are you tired of buying disposable Swiffer cloths? Why not make your own Swiffer cozy that you can simply toss into the wash and reuse? If you have any type of floor sweeper that requires disposable pads, you can replace them easily by knitting a cover that you can slip on and off. A knit floor sweeper does a great job of picking up dirt and dust, and is a great solution to finishing up that old ball of yarn, and helping yourself save money around the house.

Dryer Balls

Do you have the dredges of a skein of non-washable wool lying around? Why not put it to good use and make a dryer ball? Simply grab your wool yarn, and wrap it into a small ball the size of a tennis ball. Wind the tail of the ball through a few layers and through the middle of the ball, and then clip it off. Throw your ball into a sock and wash and dry it three to four times. Once it is ready, simply freely throw it into the wash with your laundry load with five or six others and you are good to go. No more need to waste money on those dryer sheets!

Coffee Sleeve

What about a coffee sleeve for that hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning? Coffee sleeves are a great way to get your handy-making into your everyday routine. Just find your favorite scrap of color, a big button, and go to work. A coffee sleeve can be made in no time flat.

Happy knitting!

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